UGP materials in pre-founding stage

UGP materials, a new spin-out of the TUW (Technische Unversität Wien), is providing the industry with high-performance polymers of superior quality. We are currently setting up our company and looking for active partnerships and research cooperations with the industry to bring our products to the market.

Founding Team UGP materials

The founders of UGP are Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass, inventor of hydrothermal synthesis of polymers and Dietmar Gombotz, serial entrepreneur.

UGP material produces CRYS*

UGP materials first product is the polyimid product familiy CRYS*.
CRYS is the only polyimide with full crystallinity worldwide. It is based on a patented production method invented by our CSO Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass: Synthesis by hydrothermal polymerization

Geomimetic Process

There are numerous water reservoirs and water veins in the Earth’s crust. These systems contain water at high temperatures and pressures and are therefore called “hydrothermal”. Various atoms and ions contained in rocks can dissolve in the high-temperature water contained in such veins, and there form highly crystalline minerals. This mineral formation process is termed “hydrothermal crystallization”. Hydrothermal polymerization (HTP) is inspired by natural crystallization.

Geomimetic Process

The process is therefore a geomimetic technique and in analogy to its natural counterparts generates fully crystalline polymers. The outstanding crystallinity leads to superior materials properties. Since nothing but water and the monomers is used in HTP, CRYS* is fabricated in an environmentally friendly and non-toxic way.

Polymides of the CRYS* series show full crystallinity, which is unprecedented.

Because of this structure they provide:

  • outstanding thermal
  • exceptional chemical stability
  • very low densities
  • production through a fully green process

We are looking for Cooperation Partners

We are looking for partners to cooperate in the fields of:

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Electronics
  • High Performance Sports Equipment
  • Polymer Films
  • and other fields of application

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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