Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass wins Phoenix Business-Award

UGP CSO Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass was awarded as best Prototype-Project at the prestigous Business Award “Phoenix”

Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass

The best start-ups, spin-offs and prototypes are awarded the Phoenix Prize by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Science and Research. At this year’s award ceremony gala on November 29th, a prototype of the Vienna University of Technology was among the winners. UGP materials CSO Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass, scientist at the Institute of Material Chemistry of the Vienna University of Technology, received the Phoenix for her new method for the production of polyimide membranes.

The prototype was a precursor to the foundation of UGP materials, where Miriam Unterlass tested the possibility to create polyimide membranes with honeycomb structure with the process of hydrothermal polymerisation. The highly ordered polyimide membranes could be used in the aircraft and automotive industries, but also in water treatment, in gas separation plants or for fuel cells.

On one side of Miriam was Vice-Rector Johannes Fröhlich of the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), representing the cutting-edge research institution who is very supportive in UGP materials foundation, who stated that TU Wien is very pleased both about Miriams drive in research as well as her work on getting the innovation into the industry.

Further on-stage was Tanja Sovice, heading the Department of “Patent and License Management” at TU Wien, who pointed out that “The technology invented by Miriam is one of the most forward-looking and promising technologies of the TU Wien”

We want to thank the TU Wien for it’s ongoing support at getting this technology transfered into the industry. Especially VR Johannes Fröhlich, Tech-Transfer-Head Peter Karg, Patent & License Head Tanja Sovice and Birgit Hofreiter from the Innovation & Incubation Centre.

More Details about the Phoenix Prize Award: https://www.bmwfw.gv.at/Innovation/Initiativen/Seiten/phoenix.aspx

More Details about Miriam’s work: www.unterlasslab.com

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