UGP materials was awarded the Science & Business award for most promising Spin-Off in 2018 award ceremony

Winning Project

On June 6th of 2018, the Rudolf Sallinger Fund presented the S&B Award for entrepreneurial scientists for the fourth time. Goal of the S&B initiative is to anchor entrepreneurship in the Austrian university landscape and to strengthen entrepreneurial spirit especially among young people.

The winning team UGP materials, represented by Miriam Unterlass and Dietmar Gombotz from the TU Vienna, was handed out the S&B prize money of 20.000 euros for the project CRYS . With hydrothermal polymerization (=HTP), UGP materials wants to change the industrial production of high-performance plastics significantly. Based on a new green, environmentally friendly process HTP, polymers are to be produced in a more environmentally friendly way at higher quality. The process was developed and patented by Miriam Unterlass at the Vienna University of Technology. “Our goal is to develop highly stable polymers and make them even stronger for all industries. Good examples are automotive and aviation industries,” says Dietmar Gombotz. Currently UGP works on prototype applications and looking for project partners.

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