UGP launches First Website

UGP materials first Website We are very glad to announce that our first homepage has been launched, marking our first steps into bringing our products to the market. We decided to give you a basic overview of our products and you can read up about new developments in our blog. The technology behind this website For those interested in tech we give you some insights in the way we created the website.

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Miriam wins START Price

START Price for Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass Our CSO Miriam M. Unterlass has been awarded the START Prize, the highest recognition for junior scientists in Austria, for her work developing novel synthesis of high-performance polymers, which yield enhanced material properties. The FWF START Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to different fields by young scientists and gives them substantial financial support their excellent scientific research. Research Background Organic high-performance materials, which are needed, for example, for batteries, photovoltaic systems and the filtration of exhaust gases, involve complex production processes.

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UGP Materials - setting up the company

UGP materials in pre-founding stage UGP materials, a new spin-out of the TUW (Technische Unversität Wien), is providing the industry with high-performance polymers of superior quality. We are currently setting up our company and looking for active partnerships and research cooperations with the industry to bring our products to the market. The founders of UGP are Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass, inventor of hydrothermal synthesis of polymers and Dietmar Gombotz, serial entrepreneur.

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